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Onyx 10mm gemstone bracelet for men and women

Onyx is an earth element stone of inner-strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline and reason. It is a grounding stone which can help to strengthen the legs and help with elimination.


Gemstone: Onyx

Bead size: 10 mm (made on a durable stretch cord)

Wrist size: made to order (see sizes options)

Onyx Bracelet

  • Chakras: Root (1st), Muladhara; Solar Plexus (3rd), Manipura; Third Eye (6th), Ajna. 

    Key words: inner strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline, reason. 

    Element: Earth

    Onyx is a stone of inner strength. It enhances one’s endurance and persistence, enabling one to carry even difficult and drear tasks through to completion.

    On a mental level, it increases one’s ability to maintain focus, allowing one to learn challenging new material and use well all that one has mastered. It energetically boosts the retention of memory and encourages attention to detail. 

    Spiritually, Onyx teaches the appropriate use of power and the focusing of energy into positive force. It is excellent for those who are working to develop their telekinetic abilities.

    Emotionally, Onyx is emotionally neutral.

    Physically, Onyx can be used to help stimulate the connection between the feet and the first chakra. This can be helpful for those who suffer from weak legs, or who have difficulty grounding or eliminating bodily wastes or excess energy.

    Affirmation: I work on all my chosen tasks with clear focus, strong discipline, unrelenting perseverance and high efficiency.

    (The Book of Stones)

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