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I am a woman of faith, who wholeheartedly believes in God's divine design for our bodies, and our intrinsic ability to regenerate, heal, and repair from within. I am overjoyed to have partnered with faith-based company who specializes is regenerative cellular health with light. This patented, revolutionary, wearable light technology naturally elevates copper peptides, which, in turn, activates stem cell production.

This promotes restoration, rejuvenation, vitality, and overall health to our entire body system.

It's like turning back the hands of time on our internal clocks.

"X39 - The Holy Grail of Regenerative Health."

As we age, we produce less and less stem cells, slowing down our body's ability to repair and regenerate.

The X39 patches help your body to produce copper peptides, which are known to:

  • boost immune system function

  • reduce inflammation

  • aid in wound healing

  • enhance memory + cognitive function (may help reduce risk of neurodegenerative disease)

  • stimulate the body's natural antioxidant defenses

  • improve gut health + metabolic function

  • regulate blood glucose levels + prevent insulin resistance (helps to manage diabetes)

  • improve sport performance + recovery

  • stimulate hair growth

  • activate stem cells 

  • repair + regeneration tissue

  • improve bone health (helps facilitate the absorption of calcium + zinc)

  • improve angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels)

  • promote production of glycosaminoglycans (which hydrates the skin)

  • stimulate the production of collagen + elastin 

  • protect the skin from UV damage

  • and, so much more...

Lifewave x39 - Stem Cell Activation Patches

​Find information on patents, clinical studies, testimonials, and benefits of the X39 patches HERE!


If possible, open the link provided to you on a desktop or laptop computer - it'll make ordering much easier.

On the top menu bar, click JOIN - BECOME A BRAND PARTNER - JOIN US

*Please note - this does not necessarily mean that you are signing up to sell LifeWave,

it simply ensures that you are getting the discount/wholesale pricing.

Enrolment SILVER gives you the best wholesale price with 3 sleeves of the stem cell patches (3 months supply).

On the lefthand side of the screen, where it says "patches", you can customize whichever 3 patches you'd like.

It is recommended that everyone start with the X39!

- OR -

Enrolment GOLD also gives you the best wholesale price with 5 sleeves of the stem cell patches (5 month supply).

On the lefthand side of the screen, where it says "patches", you can customize whichever 5 patches you'd like.

*GOLD ENROLMENT gives you the option + opportunity to collect commissions if you would like to join in on the business.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click CONTINUE.

You can set up a monthly order -or - skip if you'd just like to try them out.

*If you've enrolled in GOLD and want to collect commission, you must have a monthly order.


Simply finish filling out the information and you are good to go!

If you have any questions, or need any help, please feel free to contact Corey.

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