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'Inspiration' - Blue Apatite, Leather, and Feather Earrings

'Inspiration' - Blue Apatite, Leather, and Feather Earrings


Blue Apatite are wonderful stones to wear as earrings because they stimulate the mind and enhance general mental function and clarity. They are both functional + beautiful.


Paired with Hematite and Brass to ground the etheric energy of Blue Apatite.


Hooks: Sterling Silver

Length: 6"

Gemstones: Blue Apatite + Hematite

Leather: Gold Deer Hide 

Feathers: Rooster

Other material: Brass 



'Inspiration' - Blue Apatite, Leather, and Feather Earrings

Your earrings will be custom made (within 5-days of order), and you will be notified when they are ready for pick-up, or have been shipped.
  • Key words: psychic activation, access to knowledge.

    Element: Wind

    Blue Apatite is a stone of inspiration, capable of making one more susceptible to the ‘aha experience’ in which one has an instant of understanding, which crystallizes the answer to long-standing problems or questions.

    Blue Apatite is stimulating to the mind and can enhance general mental function and clarity. Used in dream state it allows one to find creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

    Emotionally, Blue Apatite has a very uplifting energy. It can help one gain a higher perspective on situations, so one does not become mired in emotional response.

    Physically, Blue Apatite can be used to soothe headaches and to stimulate eyesight. It is particularly good for eye problems rooted in lack of eye movement, such as declining eyesight from extensive computer work. It can also help those who experience vertigo or dizziness.

    Affirmation: I open my inner eyes to the realms of hidden knowledge.

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