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Amethyst Leather and Feather Earrings - Gold

Amethyst is a gemstone long loved and special to many folks. I have known many people who have made the treck to the Amethyst mines in Ontario and their stories have always filled me with wonder and awe.


I chose a light coloured Amethyst and paired them with lavender and metallic gold leather and lavender colored feathers, and the result is breathtaking. But don't let the soft colours fool you, these earrings are made for those with an inner-knowing of strength and fortitude who may just need a little help tapping into those qualities.


Amethyst Leather and Feather Earrings

Decorated on both the front and back, so that when the earrings move, they look good from all sides.


Leather Colours: Lavender, White + Metallic Gold

Hooks: Sterling Silver

Gemstones: Amethyst

Other metal: Brass

Length: 4.25 inches

Amethyst Leather and Feather Earrings

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