Corey Lakusiak is an ongoing and dedicated yoga student with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba. She is a Hatha Yoga teacher and co-owner of Yoga at St. Mark’s (, with 11 years of teaching experience, enriched by more than 1,500 hours of specialized studies and training.

For Corey, yoga continues to be the gateway to a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries. She has a firsthand experience of the transformational power of yoga, which helped her heal from years of domestic abuse, depression and addiction. Corey now lives a life of simplicity, beauty & Love, which is clearly reflected in her teaching style of heart-centred, alignment-based yoga, that encourage students to tap into their own uniquely creative flow.


“I humbly thank all of my teachers and those who have encouraged me along my path of healing. Through experience, I have learned that the true nature of life is anchored in Divine Love, and I wish nothing more than to share this gift with you.”


Awakening & Empowering (Level I)

Introduces beginning and continuing students to our alignment-based, heart-centered hatha yoga in a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere. Emphasis is on creating a strong foundation for the practice by building strength and flexibility through standing poses, beginning backbends and seated poses.

Enliven & Deepen (Level II)

A continuation from ‘Awakening & Empowering‘, this class invites students to explore a variety of deeper postures, including: inversions, arm balances and backbends. Not suitable for beginners.

All Levels

A rejuvenating class that offers a variety of postures with modifications for the less experienced and more challenge for those who are ready.


Simple & Deep: Good Alignment is Good Therapy

A gently paced class of standing, seated & supine postures that explores therapeutic principles of alignment to bring balance, focus, increased strength and resiliency into the body, mind & heart. Good for beginners, those with special considerations, and more mature students who are seeking a deeper understanding through simplicity in practice.


Simple & Deep: for the Spine

This class is designed to help liberate movement along the spine. We’ll focus on the essential breath and how to marry its pulsation with simple movements & postures that will reveal a deeper level of awareness within. This class includes standing, seated & supine movements and postures that will help create length and healthy curvature along the spine in order to release chronic pain and misalignment. Suitable for all level of students & for those with special considerations.


Functional Movement & Strengthening

A class that will help students build emotional, spiritual and physical strength while exploring the full range of natural and functional human movements. Each class consists of a warm-up, a skill building activity, and a cool-down. The perfect complement to any yoga practice.

Shakti Saturdays (All Levels)

A rejuvenating class that offers a variety of postures with modifications for the less experienced and more challenge for those who are ready.