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Isis, one of ancient Egypt’s most prominent goddesses, was seen as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, who flowed like a mighty river from Source through ALL of creation. Daughter of Geb (god of the Earth) and Nut (goddess of the sky), Isis represents:

creation, fertility, motherhood, reincarnation, magic, wisdom, power & Love.

Symbols include: the throne seat, cow horns & the solar disk.



Athena was one of the twelve Olympians from ancient Greek mythology. Said to be the favourite daughter of Zeus, she emerged from her father's head, fully grown, adorned in a suit of armor.

She is the goddess of: wisdom, courage, strength, inspiration, law & justice, strategic warfare, the arts, crafts and skills. Athena was widely known to be a companion of heroes and the patron goddess of heroic endeavor.

Symbols include: armor, the owl & the olive tree.



Goddess Lakshmi, of the Hindu pantheon, is known as the bestower of worldly success & spiritual liberation. She can transform into any other the other “Ten Great Wisdom Goddesses”, and has the ability to destroy obstacles that stand in the way of a successful, fulfilling existence on Earth, in the here & now. 
Lakshmi is the goddess of: life, prosperity, wealth, beauty & wellbeing.
Symbols include: the lotus flower & the snowy owl.