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Rutilated Quartz (2-in-1) wrap bracelet/necklace

Rutilated Quartz is a storm element stone for amplification, acceleration, expanded awareness, quickening and grounding manifestion (it's also programmable).


Can be worn as a wrap-bracelet and/or as a necklace.


Gemstone: Rutilated Quartz

Size: 21 inches (fits most people)

Only 1 available



Rutilated Quartz (2-in-1)

  • Chakras: All

    Key words: programmable for attunement, amplification, acceleration, expanding awareness, quickening and grounding manifestations.

    Element: Storm

    Rutilated Quartz simply sizzles with energy – it feels almost electrified. It can be used to magnify the energy of practically any intention or affirmation.

    Rutilated Quartz helps one to instantly know if a person or situation carries good or bad ‘vibes’, and amplifies intentions, emotions, and pure consciousness. It can help one maintain mental focus and clarity and it assists one in following through on ideas of plans.

    Spiritually, Rutilated Quartz infuses one's energy field with Light energy. It is excellent for receiving spiritual inspiration for creative endeavors such as art, or writing.

    Emotionally, Rutilated Quartz brings a joyful vibration into the energetic field. It is used for ‘lightening the load’ and can help one feel less overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities.

    Physically,  Rutilated Quartz can be used to help with the phenomenon of 'phantom pain' when a part of the body is removed, yet is still perceived. It helps stimulate hair growth and can be used to help counter hair loss. Rutilated Quartz is also useful in helping to bridge or 'stitch' wounds so they heal more quickly.

    Affirmation: All my positive intentions and the unfolding of my purpose are magnified, accelerated and attuned to the frequency of my Divine purpose.

    (The Book of Stones)

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