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Gemstone - Rainbow Moonstone 2-in-1 wrap bracelet and/or necklace

Rainbow Moonstone acts as a prism that diffuses energy throughout the aura. It is a positive protection stone, helping to deflect negativity before it can enter one's energy field.


Can be worn as a wrap-bracelet and/or as a necklace.


Gemstone: Rainbow Moonstone

Size: Medium - 21 inches - fits most 

Only 1 available


Rainbow Moonstone (2-in-1)

  • Chakra: Third Eye (6th), Ajna; and Crown (7th), Sahasrara.

    Key words: Mystery, self-discovery, intuition, insight and dreams

    Element: Wind

    “These remarkably beautiful gemstones emanate great vitality, life force and exuberant joy. Rainbow Moonstones offer the gifts of inner peace and harmony, emotional balance and strength, purification and transformation of negativity, as well as psychic protection. It can facilitate the alignment and activation of all the Chakras, while helping one maintain a clear sense of groundedness and centeredness. These gems are powerful healers of the emotional body and are recommended for anyone who suffers from daily stress or who carries old emotional wounds. Just as Rainbow Moonstone looks different from any other, so these stones remind us that our individuality is precious and valuable. They can help us find the courage to be cheerfully true to ourselves, even when we are under pressure to surrender to others.”

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