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Black Jade, Sapphire and Onyx Necklace, on Deer Hide.


Size: Adjustable (14" - 30")

Gemstones: Black Jade, Black Sapphire, Onyx

Metal: Brass

Leather: Deer


  • Key words: Protection, clearing negativity

    Element: Earth

    Black Jade is a stone that acts like an etheric ‘bodyguard’ when it is worn, emanating strong energy which clears one’s space of any vulnerability to attachments by negative forces/entities. It is as though the stone makes one invisible to such beings, including energy vampires and people who are projecting anger or aggression. It is especially helpful during times of world crisis, when one prays not be swept up in the negative mass consciousness.

    Looking inward, Black Jade can assist one in ‘cleaning house’ and ridding oneself of fear, envy, doubt, anger, hatred and other destructive emotions.

    Physically, Black Jade can be effectively used to help protect against viral and bacterial infection, parasitic infestation, and associated illnesses. It is excellent to use when travelling.

    Affirmation: I am surrounded by God’s Divine protection and am free from all negative attachments.

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