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Labradorite Moon Earrings (Gold)

Gold - or - Silver plated Turkish Brass Moons

Gemstone: 6mm Labradorite  (wrapped in 14k Gold - or -Sterling Silver)

Hooks: Sterling Silver

Earring length: 3.5cm

Labradorite Moon Earrings

  • Chakras: All

    Key words: magic & protection. 

    Element: Wind

    Labradorite is a powerful Wind element stone used for magic and divination. Despite it’s dark outer appearance, it holds a rainbow of brilliant hues visible only when the stone is held in the light. This effect mirrors the energy of this ally, which enables one to move though the unseen realms while purifying one’s energies in the Light.

    Labradorite is a stone of Unity.

    Labradorite creates a force field throughout the aura, protecting and strengthening the energies within and preventing others from ‘tapping in” to your personal energy and draining you. It can be used to make certain that all the elemental forces are empowered and in proper proportions within one’s energy system.

    Spiritually, Labradorite assists one in moving between realities and connecting with unseen realms. It enhances psychic abilities and increases one’s capacity to visualize and perceive with the inner eye.

    Emotionally, Labradorite can aid in uncovering unconscious and subconscious belief patterns that generate unpleasant emotional states. It can help one to become clearly aware of the source behind beliefs, self-talk and egoic influences on one’s habitual emotional states.

    Physically, Labradorite can help reveal the nature of ‘mystery illnesses’. It can show the patterns that have created disease and can amplify one’s healing thoughts and prayers.

    Affirmation: 'I call forth the clarity and wisdom of higher awareness.'  

    (The Book of Stones)

  • Chakras: Heart (4th), Anahata; Solar Plexus (3rd), Ajna. 

    Key words: natural good, inner truth, immune booster, courage.

    Brass is the metal that brings out natural good & inner truth. Even the phrase 'getting down to brass tacks' tells of clearing away the old debris and getting down to the pure and natural truth.

    Composed of Copper and Zinc, Brass has metaphysical healing properties to boost the immune system and bolster courage. Repeated wearing of Brass jewelry pieces will cause them to take on your own body chemistry, revealing your personal energy signature.

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