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Aquamarine Leather and Feather Earrings - Silver

These earrings were made in order to invibe a day at the beach. 

The soft tan leather is the colour of sand and carries the warmth and energy of a sunsoaked beach. The blue Aquamarine stone is cooling to the system, like submerging one's self into cool ocean waters on a warm summer day. Warm and cool, these earrings bring a sense of balance and a refreshed feeling to one's energy body...just like a day at the beach.


In ancient lore, Aquamarine was used as a talisman to bring good luck, fearlessness and protection to sailors. It was valued as a stone of eternal youth and happiness.


Aquamarine, Leather, and Feather Earrings

Decorated on both the front and back, so that when the earrings move, they look good from all sides.


Leather Colours: Red, White + Metallic Gold -or- Silver + Metallic Silver

Hooks: Sterling Silver

Gemstones: Black Tourmaline

Other metal: Brass

Length: 4.25 inches

Aquamarine, Leather, and Feather Earrings

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