Meeting God

Love Today?

It was not that long ago when fear was part of my daily experience. Years of spiraling through the cycle of abuse had squeezed out much of life’s nectar and left me in survival mode…a shell of my former self. But everything changed (seventeen years ago) in one miraculous moment, when during a near death experience, I met God.

Last evening, I was on my bike and stopped on the BDI bridge to overlook the river. Liquid golden light from the setting sun sparkled like shimmering diamonds on the surface of the water. Geese were coming and going, taking off and landing, and filling the air with their unmistakable noise. I looked over the bridge railing just in time to see a goose taking off from directly below. As it caught air, I looked at the pattern it had left in the water…dancing swirling vortices of expanding geometric shape. How could a simple action create such a complex pattern?

When I looked up, my vision had changed and all I could see were geometric patterns and code being written into the fabric of the elements, creating three-dimensional reality in real time. From nothing to everything…I was watching manifestation happen. This vision lasted about an hour, until the sun dipped down below the horizon, and it left me with a familiar feeling, a telltale sign that I had just experienced another meeting with God.

This morning, I woke up with a calm certainty, feeling grounded, relaxed and at ease within myself…sensations that I been sorely missing over the last year.

Today, Love finds me inspired by my meeting with the Creator…hopeful for what’s to come.