Intuition - the voice of inner-Knowing

Love Today?

For the past year, I’ve felt almost helpless when trying to find secure footing onto which I could pause, catch my breath, and come up with a plan for moving forward. The news, and the fear that it generates, moves so quickly that it’s seemingly impossible to know the truth of what’s actually going on. The outer chaos has become an invitation for me to turn within and reconnect with my intuition…the voice of inner-Knowing.

Since 2011, I have been in a monogamous relationship with myself. I have spent the last decade getting to know ‘ME’. The more time that I spend with myself, the more I Love myself, and have discovered that there is no greater relationship than the relationship I have with my-Self.

Working on my relationship with self/Self has helped me to reconnect with my intuition…the quiet voice of inner-Knowing. This voice has become the guiding light for all I do…an inborn, onboard navigation system that is inherently connected to my Life’s purpose. I have learned to trust what arises and act accordingly.

The outer chaos seems to be targeted at separating people from their intuition.

My parents used to say to me: “Corey, if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?”.

They were encouraging me to listen to +trust my gut. If something feels ‘off’, or ‘wrong’, it probably is. They wanted me to think for make tough choices…even though they may not be popular.

The greatest thing about the intuition is that it becomes more accurate with practice. When we choose to listen and follow its guidance, it’ll inevitably lead us in the direction of love, health and connection…because that’s just human nature.

Today, Love finds me spending time alone in nature, listening to the wisdom of my inner-Knowing.