Infinite Potential

Love Today?

It has been almost 1-year to the day since we first heard “2-weeks to flatten the curve”, and nothing has been the same since. It is now evident that there is no going back and the future is yet undetermined. We are in new territory…a time & space between ‘what was’, and ‘what will be’…standing at the threshold of infinite potential.

Spring seems to be arriving early this year. As the sun continues to rise in its daily trajectory across the sky, temperatures warm and little green shoots are popping up through what remains of the fall debris. Inside, I feel optimism beginning to grow, which may be strange considering the state of the world. But regardless of the outer circumstances, I spent last year dreaming and internally sowing seeds of Peace and Love.

Seeds are magic, potent vessels that hold within them an entire blueprint for life. They can lie dormant for ages before the conditions are ripe for them to germinate. All the shitty circumstances of last year became the fertilizer for my seeds and I watered them regularly with my tears.

My feelings of optimism could not have come soon enough. I was beginning to question my inner-gardening skills, my intentions and my sanity. But this is not the first pressure cooker situation that I’ve been in and I’m reminded that lasting transformation comes hand-in-hand with great discomfort and growth happens through struggle.

Last summer, I decided that I was going to grow a food garden in 2021...something that I’ve never done before…a challenge to help me learn and grow.

Last month, I bought seeds.

Last week, I bought indoor grow lights, planters and soil…and had a planting party with a couple of friends.

Yesterday, I saw the first little shoot poking up from the soil.

Today, Love finds me standing at the threshold of infinite potential filled with optimism for the seeds that I’ve planted both inside and out.