Love Today?

Over the past year, the world has changed considerably. Our day-to-day lives are in a constant state of flux and it seems almost impossible to find stable ground onto which we can build a clear and bright future. But this is temporary…and even in these dark times, there is a guiding light, and that is our connection to each other through community.

Community is a place where we gather in fellowship: to support, to be supported…to breathe, feel and explore in new ways that help us rise to the occasion of our day-to-day challenges. It is a place where we can speak freely with passion and be received without judgement. Community is “a circle of healing. A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free.”

After my father’s passing on July 29th, I witnessed the power of community. The outpouring of love received by my family was palpable and awe inspiring. It helped me to realize that I may have been taking many of my connections for granted…and this has helped me to revision my future with relationships, connection and community as the focus.

As a Capricorn, I have always been strong-willed and a little hard-headed…especially when it comes to the details of my day-to-day life. I like to spend lots of time alone in Nature and feel most myself when surrounded by trees and water. For almost a decade, my closest relationships (other than with my family), have been with the natural world…silent connections of the Heart.

Maybe it’s due to the ‘global pandemic’, the loss of my father, or the combination of the two…but something inside of me has changed…and I’m starting to crave relationships. It’s as though a veil of fog has been lifted and I’m now able to see the importance of human connection.

Although last summer was excruciatingly difficult, it was also one of the best summers of my life. My dad’s death revealed a whole new level of overstanding, and brought with it an abundance & appreciation of life and new interpersonal connections. Through these connections, I’ve been exposed to new experiences, new people and new communities of free thinking, open-hearted, Life loving rebels. Never in my wildest imagination could I have dreamt up a life so fulfilling…yet, here I am.

I still love my time alone in Nature, but now have a growing appreciation for relationships with other humans. I can see and feel that the power of community is magnetic…it harmonizes dissonant frequencies and helps people connect and build meaningful relationships. I believe that If we’re going to make it through this global sh*t show… Relationship, Connection and Community are foundational.

Today, Love finds me making new connections, tending to relationships and building community one heart-felt smile at a time.