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Corey Lakusiak has been making gemstone earrings since 2009.

These beautiful earrings are a product of Corey's love of nature, minerals and the earthly elements (of which we are made).


Each gemstone holds the vibrational frequency of at least 1 of the 5 Earthly elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind (Air), and Storm (Ether).

The elemental properties of each gemstone are governed by their mineral composition. Each mineral vibrates within a specific band of frequency within the full electromagnetic spectrum of the planet. We can think of these frequencies like the colour band in a rainbow, although the colour of a stone doesn’t necessarily reveal its resonant frequency.

"My recommendation is to look for your gemstone allies with an open mind and to feel your way to the appropriate match.

This process is meant to be fun, and you may find that you learn something new about yourself along the way."