Goddess Lakshmi, of the Hindu pantheon, is known as the bestower of worldly success & spiritual liberation. She can transform into any other the other “Ten Great Wisdom Goddesses”, and has the ability to destroy obstacles that stand in the way of a successful, fulfilling existence on Earth, in the here & now. 
Lakshmi is the goddess of: life, prosperity, wealth, beauty & wellbeing.
Symbols include: the lotus flower & the snowy owl.

Worn as either a bracelet, or necklace, these sparkling Hematite wraps will be sure to help you feel grounded & relaxed.

Wearing Hematite can assist in bringing your dreams into reality and in learning the difference between true vision and fantasy.

Hematite encompasses both male & female  – yin & yang – creating a balanced energy that contains the opposites within the whole.