Corey Lakusiak is a teacher of yoga + natural movement, which helps students cultivate strength, mobility and resiliency in their

bodies, minds + hearts.
She teaches simple practices that help students tap into their own inner wellspring of youthful vitality.

Rooted in the ageless wisdom of yoga philosophy, the chakra system, human anatomy and nature, Corey offers an insightful and playful approach to one’s overall health and wellbeing.


December 5 - 25, 2022 Schedule

Mondays         9:30 - 11:00 am   All Levels (IN-PERSON)
Wednesdays  9:30 - 11:00 am   Simple + Deep (with Lynn)
                         6:00 - 7:00 pm   Awakening & Empowering*
Fridays            9:30 - 10:45 am  Simple & Deep - Spine*

As the holidays approach, it can be all too easy to get caught-up in the hustle and bustle of the season, which can knowingly, or unknowingly wreak havoc on the health of our central nervous system.


The nervous system controls and regulates every activity within the body. Our overall health and wellbeing is directly proportional to the functional capability of this system to send and receive electrical signals. It truly is the master control system of our entire being.


Posture plays a key role in optimizing the function of the nervous system. When we focus on cultivating good postural alignment and strengthen our ability to hold that alignment, our breath naturally expands, our heartbeat regulates, and the central nervous system moves from ‘fight or flight’, into ‘rest and repair’.


Join Lynn and I for this 3-week mini-series to help insulate and calm your nervous system. Learn simple practices that will help expand your breath, quiet your mind, strengthen your body, and release excess energy (stress) from your nervous system.

- FEES -


3-class pass:  $56.70  
6-class pass: $113.40  


3-class pass:   $47.25
6-class pass:   $94.50


3-class pass:   $47.25

  • Students are required to pre-register & pre-pay for classes. 

  • Zoom ID & passwords will be provided upon registration.

  • All class passes expire at the end of each session


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All Levels

An ALL-Levels class of dynamic postures + functional movement that will challenge and invigorate students and help them to tap into their inner wellspring of strength, resiliency and vitality.  Suitable for most.


Awakening & Empowering

A hatha yoga class of standing, seated & laying postures to awaken & empower the body, mind & heart. Suitable for beginners.

Simple & Deep: Spine

​This class will help restore health, vitality and energy to the body/mind by gently awakening the spine (the central column of energy) which will enable us to expand vertically, as well as horizontally, like the branches of a tree. It is through this elongation and expansion that we will recover the youthful elasticity and suppleness that the spine provides. Good for beginners, those with special considerations and anyone looking to feel more grounded & relaxed.​