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Purium's Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation!

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These products are made of WHOLE LIVING RAW superfoods and herbs. Unlike the typical supplement isolates that exist, which are full of fillers and derived from gmo corn, these ingredients are pure. These products are straight from the earth, organic, non-gmo, and grown in mineral-rich soil. The plant powders have been wind-dried and cold-dehydrated to keep all live enzymes intact. When you rehydrate them with water, it is just as fresh as a cold-pressed juice and is best if you drink it within 15 minutes. SO FRESH! All products  have all are thoroughly tested for heavy metals as well. I have never come across a company with such integrity and such high standards. The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation also contains the only product out there that is proven to detox glyphosate from the body …this is ESSENTIAL for gut repair and overall health!
Aside from detoxing glyphosate, this protocol also works to remove heavy metals, parasites, fungus, yeasts and moulds from the body, while flooding your cells with the deep nourishment they crave! Your cells will be singing ‘hallelujah!’.
In this day and age, so many of us are actually malnourished as so much of our fresh produce is shipped overseas or over a period of days and by the time we buy it from the grocery store, it has lost so much of its nutrient value! One single serving of the power shake in the Ultimate lifestyle transformation is equivalent to 6 superfood salads! Talk about NOURISHMENT!

Healthy Salad


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Green Salad