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Corey Lakusiak has been making jewelry since 2009. She is a self-taught artist, dedicated to making beautiful jewelry for professional, trendsetting women.

Corey lives a simple life and spends much of her time outdoors. In the summer months, she bathes in the solitude of nature at her family’s off-grid island cottage, where most of her time is spent in forest management and stewarding the land. During the winter, you will find her all bundled up, going for long walks on the Red River, no matter the weather.

It is alone in nature where Corey feels most herself, exposed to the elements, communing with God. She spends hours simply observing the beauty of the natural world, which is where she receives the inspiration for her creations.

Corey uses quality metals (gold, silver, brass + copper), gemstones, leather, and feathers to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. It is easy to see how nature has inspired her work. Known for her clean lines and attention to detail, Corey’s pieces are simply beautiful.

Custom jewelry is her jam!

If you would like Corey to create a unique custom piece just for you, or your loved one, please send her a message. 

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