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Corey Lakusiak is a yoga and functional movement teacher, artist + holistic entrepreneur from the Heart of North America, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


“Ever since I can remember, I have felt most myself when alone in Nature. But, for a period of time, I lost this connection and spiraled into a cycle of abuse and addiction. After hitting rock-bottom, I was given a chance to start over, so I returned to Nature and began my healing process.”

Corey’s journey has been supported by the study and practice of yoga, which she has been teaching for the past 15-years.

Known for her colourful visuals, clear language and alignment cues, she invites students on a journey to tap into their own inner nature and wellspring of health and vitality, through movement, breathwork and meditation. Corey’s experience has taught her that it is the simplest practices that often yield the most profound results.

 Corey has been making gemstone jewelry and life enhancing wearable art since 2009. Her powerful connection with nature and gemstones, combined with her understanding of the human energy body, inspires her to create unique pieces of jewelry that help people on their path of health + well-being.  She is meticulous in the choosing and pairing of gemstones, precious metals and animal medicine, in order to optimize their vibrational frequency. Corey takes great care in the creative process, honouring each resource, while being mindful of the ‘footprint’ she leaves on the Earth.

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