Corey Lakusiak is a prairie artist, born and raised within the ‘Heart’ of North American in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Growing up on the Canadian prairies makes one hearty & resilient and this is certainly true for Corey. She is a mother, teacher, naturalist, artist, science enthusiast, conspiracy realist and avid seeker of the Truth.

In 2007, Corey left her conventional job as a high school teacher in order to pursue her passion: the healing arts. That same year, she finished her first yoga immersion & teacher training, and over the next decade acquired over 1,500 hours of specialized studies and training in yoga & natural movement. Corey didn’t know it at the time, but her journey into the wisdom teachings of yoga would help her reconnect with her life’s purpose.

In 2009, Corey’s life profoundly changed after a near death experience. Years of domestic violence, addiction, depression and self-abuse had left her at her ‘rock-bottom’, but these experiences would serve as the foundation for her new life…one rooted in Love.

Over the last decade Corey has been dedicated to her healing and has slowly rebuilt herself through devoted studentship in: metaphysics and the nature of being, existence and reality, yoga, meditation, natural movement, nutrition and gemmology. As she healed, she rediscovered an intuitive connection with Nature, especially with metals, minerals & gemstones. 

Today, Corey uses her innate connection with the Mineral Kingdom and her understanding of the human energy body to create jewellery to serve others along their healing journeys. She is meticulous in the choosing and pairing of gemstones in order to optimize their vibrational frequency. Corey takes great care in the creative process, honours each resource, and is mindful of her ‘foot print’ on the Earth. 

Corey is above all an optimist & Dreamer. She believes wholeheartedly in the strength and resiliency of humanity to overcome the gross imbalances and inequalities that plague our Earth. Her belief comes from a firsthand experience of how when one chooses Love above all else, anything & everything becomes possible.